Which Truck Body Do You Need

Your truck is necessary for your work, and the best truck body can assist you to optimize your effectiveness and your efficiency. Picking a work truck is important, of course, but so is assessing various types of truck bodies to pick the ideal suitable for your service.

Ask any professional about a few of the things that make their work simpler, and they’ll most likely include their service trucks on the list.

So when it comes to stepping up Ridgeback Service Bodies, quality spends for itself in regards to durability and use.

However, with all the truck bodies looking comparable, how do you know which service body will effectively fulfil your needs?


Continue reading to learn which service truck body is right for you.


Fibreglass truck service bodies are lighter than the aluminium bodies.

Their lightweight building translates to enhanced gas mileage and better carrying capability of the truck’s chassis. This implies less wear on your truck and substantial savings in mechanical repairs.

In addition, trucks with these bodies are much easier to handle, lowering the opportunities of mishaps.

Even though fibreglass isn’t as strong as steel, it holds up well in all weather. It likewise doesn’t rust or rust, making it a perfect option for hauling wet cargo.


The basic service body is the most simplified one. It includes storage cabinets on each side of the body. The middle is still hollow, so you can still utilize the bed of the truck for transferring large items if essential.

Most of the service beds are constructed of aluminium so they are lightweight. Heavier products would weigh down the truck, and you might notice you take in more fuel with those. Aluminium service bodies likewise do not rust, so your truck body will look fantastic for a number of years.


Your best bet is the van body if you require a more versatile truck body choice. This body appropriates for a variety of markets, from landscaping to furniture hauling, and carry out well in any kind of weather. What’s better is that these van bodies are easy and cheap to lease or purchase and can be quickly personalized to satisfy your requirements.


Utility trucks vary from other types of trucks in that they generally have a collection of compartments to save numerous tools and products. This makes utility trucks useful and exceptionally convenient for tasks requiring a lot of tools and easy access to them. Utility trucks are sometimes described as service trucks.

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