The reason for the production of spore probiotics is related to the presence of both proline and arginine in the muscles, brain, and retina. When the muscle is at rest, and is not contracting, the body is able to produce both proline and arginine, which are then converted into a pair of amino acids, namely arginine and proline. It is this conversion of these two amino acids, however, that is disrupted when the body is contracting or at rest, resulting in the production of Prorbiotics.

Advantages of spore probiotics

Arginine, on the other hand, is more abundant and is found in higher concentrations in the muscles, brain, and retina of the body. It is a key contributor to the synthesis of proteins and is found in higher concentrations in the body than proline.

The production of proline and arginine is essential in the production of Prorbiotics and is found to be very high when a person is a young adult, as the growth spurt is a result of the formation of new muscle tissue. As the body begins to grow old, however, the production of pro- and arginine is affected, and it is not possible for the body to produce them at high levels.

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