Why You Should Not Get an Australian Shepherd in a Large Dog House?

Security dogs Sydney and Australian Shepherd are a great match. Both are very energetic and alert, but there are some things you need to know if you are going to get the best possible match.

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Firstly, before you get your dog, make sure that he has an open and loving home. A Sydney dog will always have problems in his home. Therefore, he needs a home where he can run, and play. Make sure that he is in a dog house. It is recommended that you take him to the vet for his vaccinations regularly. His eyes are very sensitive, so you need to take care of this by keeping them well covered at all times. If you cannot keep the eyes covered, you will definitely lose him.

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You also need to watch for any bad behavior that the dog may have. If he barks excessively or is overly aggressive towards other people and pets, you should consider getting another dog. This breed of dog also tends to be very curious. He will need lots of attention and patience in order to get used to new people and animals.